The Dog Park by JAH

The Dog Park

by JAH

Dog Parks are like recess for children and adolescents.
They need supervision or they're no good.
Good Dog Parks contain two fenced in areas:
One for large dogs, and a second, smaller one
For dogs, which weigh under twenty pounds.
Once, in our local Dog Park, an old woman
Was holding her small dog,
But walking in the large part of the Dog Park,
When one of the larger dogs

Jumped up on her snatching her dog away by its neck.
A local veterinarian said.
The larger doing was too rough
And the smaller one died.
Our Dog Park's larger area is dirt,
The people using it didn't allow the grass to grow
And take root. Whereas, our the smaller part
Of Our Dog Park is covered with grass.
When the dogs get together

They play fight, but not unlike children,
the roughhousing leads to their fighting,
Unless the dog owners are watchful.
Not unlike what happens at recess
In Elementary, Intermediate, Junior and High Schools.
Dog Parks are fun depending on their supervision.
Dogs are work, not unlike children and adolescents.
The only difference is a dogs mature
but a dog's spirit stays young. 


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