61 E 86 by JAH

61 E 86

by JAH

I mistook Doris for Delores on the bus.
I walked east on 85 one block to buy
A coffee and gingerbread with cranberries,
Apples. I cut west.

Then north to Dr. Kieserman to clear earwax.
My eczema's creeped into my inner ears.
Sometimes there's an infection. It's aging.
Every 3 months.

At Lex I stopped short for a DON’T WALK signal.
An old couple, lost, asked, “Where’s FIFTH AVENUE?”
“LEX. Keep walking north to PARK, MADISON, FIFTH.
Three more blocks to go”

A beautiful woman to our left caught my eye,
Bowed her tan, knit hatted head, smiled: thumbs up.
Tourists headed to take a day at the Met.
DON'T WALK sign changed green.

After I left Kieserman’s office and could hear.
A flowing stream dammed was now running away.
A few blocks south to have lunch with my mad dad,
At Antonucci’s..


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